Canterbury Dried Foods Ltd

We are proud to produce some of the world's finest dehydrated herb and super green vegetable leaf products.

Our second generation family business prides itself on a paddock-to-plate operating system, where we oversee and/or grow our crops, harvest them with our own equipment and staff, and transport to our unique facility.

Using best practice from experience and new technology, we then dehydrate high quality product through a specialised system that allows complete product integrity and retention of vital elements. Our product is then classified to consumer requests and packaged ready for shipment. No added extras, just high quality super green products from us to you.

We believe in principled production and not making compromises, as we strive for better food for our world.

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Our Vision

To share with all our consumers dehydrated herbs and super green vegetables of optimal quality, nutritious value and health benefits.

  • We believe in raw product quality: we will strive to grow and harvest the freshest produce at the optimal moment.
  • We believe in product hygiene: we will endeavor to maintain a high quality washing system that ensures excellent hygiene whilst preserving product integrity.
  • We believe in natural excellence: we will dehydrate all products in conditions that will protect and seal all of their natural goodness.
  • We believe in meeting customer requirements: we will be innovative thinkers and endeavor to meet customer requests for classifying products and provide timely delivery.
  • We believe in continual evolution: we will continually strive to sustain product excellence and successfully meet the market place.
  • We believe in accountability and traceability: we will be responsible for our products, and consistently track them at all stages of production.
  • We believe in accreditation: we will be responsible for maintaining a fine record of food and individual safety in the workplace.
  • We believe in individuals: we will support the growth and achievements of our family of staff and encourage excellence in the work place.
  • We believe in the beauty of our world: we will be responsible growers and manufacturers.
  • We believe in not making compromises, as we strive for better food for our world